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       Equipment name: crusher, sieving machine, pile driver, drilling machine, roadheader, dump truck       Junbao hydraulic products have many years of application history in engineering drilling machinery. The products are widely used in pile driver, petroleum exploration machinery, drilling machinery, horizontal directional drilling machine and other equipment. The main application products include gear pumps, multi-way valves and cylinders.
       The main products of our gear oil pump (motor) used in the field of drilling machinery are aluminum alloy gear pump, cast iron gear pump and other series of products, all kinds, variety, in line with the host hydraulic system for the power unit high pressure, high temperature, resistance Performance requirements for impact, high efficiency, etc.
       In the field of multi-way valve products, multi-way valve products are widely used in the field of drilling machinery. The DL series products have compact structure, large flow, high working pressure, good performance and reliable operation. They can realize near and remote control of multiple actuators. Each unit can be equipped with check valves and overload replenishing valves. The series and series-parallel oil paths are combined in two ways: spring reset and steel ball positioning. The ZD series multi-way valve is an integral multi-way valve, which is small in size and easy to install, and is suitable for a narrow installation position.
       There are many application cases of hydraulic cylinder products in the field of engineering drilling rigs, especially the multi-year matching of the cylinder product system on the horizontal directional drilling machine (non-excavation equipment), which makes our company have very good application conditions for the whole machine of such products. After understanding and accumulating the system, after many optimizations and upgrades, Changyuan hydraulic cylinders have been able to fully ensure the effective performance of such equipment under various working conditions.

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