Junbao Hydraulics Overview
       Huai'an Junbao Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a major developer and provider of fluid system solutions including products, assemblies and services. Has been committed to the development, production and operation of fluid system products. With its own brand ¡°JUNBAO¡±, it is tailor-made for customers, developing and designing and producing industrial products with independent intellectual property rights. The components we manufacture and the services we provide are an integral part of our customers' success. In the 21st century, fluid technology has entered a new era, an era of ¡°application-oriented¡±. With the continuous changes in the industry segmentation market, the company actively carries out technological innovation, accelerates the adjustment of its product structure, strategically lays out emerging industries, and has formed a multi-series, multi-variety product system.
       Hydraulic multi-way reversing valve, hydraulic gear pump and fluid fittings manufactured by JUNBAO. For a variety of industries (products: sanitation machinery, engineering machinery, automatic road piles | roadblocks, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, petroleum machinery, coal mining machinery, machine tool industry, etc.) to provide customers with: fluid design, processing and manufacturing , system assembly, testing, mechatronics solutions and other services. Our way of doing business is as important as the business content. Every day we practice the corporate values of ¡°Customer First, Pursuit of Quality, Integrity, Respect for Individuals, Continuous Improvement and Innovation¡±... develop exciting new products and open up new ways to provide value and peace of mind to our customers. All of our actions are guided by these values.
       To this day, we have been active in all areas of the fluid industry. JUNBAO has become an inseparable part of our customers and a reliable, loyal and reliable partner. JUNBAO has witnessed tremendous changes in industrial development. At the same time, we are also following the trend of the times, constantly carrying out our own reforms and developments, better grasping the pulse of the market, understanding local information, and meeting customer needs more quickly and efficiently.
       Today's JUNBAO is not only a production and sales company of fluid products, but also a propagator and promoter of a brand-new business concept. We are accumulating confidence to meet the challenges of the market and achieve our goals. Time is changing, only the first-class products, leading technology and our sincere heart. Www.junbaoyeya.cn
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