Hydraulic system operating standards and quality conditions
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To a certain extent, the hydraulic system maintains the original performance of the bearing in a good state for as long as possible, and needs to be maintained and repaired during the operation to prevent accidents. Ensure the reliability of operation, improve productivity and economy.
Hydraulic system custom hydraulic station, hydraulic system manufacturer, hydraulic station manufacturer to a certain extent, its maintenance uses its corresponding mechanical operating conditions of the operating standards, regular, in the course of the operation, its contents include monitoring operating status, supplement or Replace the lubricant and check for regular disassembly. As a maintenance item in operation, the hydraulic system has the rotation sound of the bearing, vibration, temperature, and the state of the lubricant.
The hydraulic system will carry out the maintenance cycle according to its regulations. During the operation, it is necessary to carry out regular analysis of the hydraulic fluid. To a certain extent, it is particularly vigilant to prevent the dirt from entering the hydraulic system when the components are removed for maintenance. , first do the cleaning work before opening. When filling the tank with hydraulic oil, it is important to refuel through a specific oil filler connection. The solids in the system should not exceed ISO/DIS 4406 16/13.
The water content in the hydraulic system does not need to exceed 0.1% to a certain extent. To a certain extent, in the case of high requirements for equipment life in industrial applications, the water content does not exceed 0.05%. The main reason is to review whether the design can achieve the expected work objectives, whether it can achieve the machine's actions and achieve various performance indicators. Whether the installation process is possible or not. In particular, it is necessary to strictly check the quality of the pressure gauge, check the date of the pressure gauge inspection, and re-calibrate the pressure gauge that has been tested for too long.
The electrical schematics, accessories, pipe fittings, piping layouts, hydraulic components and samples of the components related to the hydraulic system shall be prepared so that the engineering and technical personnel are familiar with the specific content and technical requirements. the study. Check the number of hydraulic components according to the hydraulic system diagram and the hydraulic parts list to confirm the quality of all hydraulic components.

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