Common problems and maintenance of gear pumps
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Repair of the drive shaft and bushing after wear
After the drive shaft and bushing of the gear pump wear out, the matching clearance increases, which will affect the pump oil quantity. In this case, the normal fit clearance can be restored by repairing the drive shaft or bushing. If the drive shaft wears slightly, simply press the old bushing and replace it with a standard size bushing. The clearance can be restored to the allowable range. If the drive shaft and the bushing are severely worn and the clearance is seriously exceeded, the bushing must be replaced, and the drive shaft should be chromed or vibrated to increase its diameter, then ground to the standard size, and the bushing is restored. Coordination requirements.
Repair of cracks in the repair of the lubricating oil pump casing: The cracks in the casing can be repaired by casting 508 nickel-copper welding rods. The weld must be tight and the air hole is not more than 0.05 mm.
Repair of the pump cover
Repair of the working plane: If the working plane of the pump cover is less worn, the wear marks can be eliminated by manual grinding, that is, put a little valve sand on the platform or thick glass plate, and then put the pump cover on it for grinding until the wear marks are eliminated. The working surface is flat. When the working surface of the pump cover wears more than 0.1 mm, it should be repaired by turning and grinding first.
Gear flipping
The gear pump gear wear is mainly in the tooth thickness, while the gear end face and the tooth top wear are relatively light. The gears are worn on one side in the tooth thickness, so the gear can be turned 180 degrees. When the end face of the gear is worn, the end face can be flattened while the joint surface of the lubricating oil pump casing is ground to ensure that the gap between the gear end face and the pump cover is within the standard range.

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